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South India has been a safe heaven for women compared to the other part of the Country. We have 73.44%(as per Census of India 2011) women literacy rate. However the number gradually decreases when it comes to employment and entrepreneurship. Even though Women are respected, the society finds it difficult to accept them as equal counterparts. By this initiative, we would like to encourage women to break the taboos by traveling to many destinations and create awareness about importance of self defense in the society.

We will share links to self defense videos and also motivational links. Stay tuned!


For Parveen Travels & Empowerment is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and multi-layered approach. In general, Women empowerment is a process in which women gain greater share of control over material resources, freedom of sharing knowledge, information, ideas and having more control on financial resources and enjoy authority of decision-making at home, community, society and Nation as a whole. For us empowerment means, to get quality education and equal employment opportunities to sustain and gain status in the society.


Safety of a women traveling with us is our major look out. To ensure this we have installed GPS & Camera in all our Buses and many more such technological initiatives will be taken in this regard to make Parveen Travels as the most preferable travel company for Women fraternity.

  • Background verified and trained crew
  • Display of Driver Details on Board
  • GPS Tracking in all vehicles
  • CCTV Surveillance in all vehicles
  • Seat preference for Female customers
  • Awareness campaigns and information on our dedicated website